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      FYI, this isn’t by the Robinhood trading platform; the cache policy itself is named RobinHood because it takes cache resources from ‘cache-rich’ applications and gives them to ‘cache-poor’ ones. (The title and researcher affiliations are in the paper and all of the affiliations are with academic institutions, not industry.) I was also confused for a bit, so you’re not alone. [ed: I submitted a title-change suggestion to reflect this.]

      It’s an interesting idea. In our system at work, we still don’t have any notion of “miss cost” or “priority” to decide what to keep in cache, and we get by despite that because we just don’t need too much RAM in the big scheme of things. So I guess I’m interested in practical/widely available tools for (metaphorically) walking in addition to ideas for how to run faster.

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        thanks! I definitely overlooked it.