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    pretty funny and got me thinking about more low-tech ways to do this. Nothing too smart (or too stupid) to share, though. Edit: Found a great one.

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      Based on that, you can set up a fake input keyboard and do weird stuffs or have pre encoded scenarii when the circuit is plugged in the computer. The first basic idea (and I know that you can get pedals and stuff) is to have an Alt-Tab function accessed by foot taping. I don’t know why.

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        That’s more common than you may think…

        I have a Kensington laser pointer/USB drive where plugging in the USB drive attaches both a storage device and a wireless keyboard, but the “keyboard” only ever sends two keys, “Previous” and “Next” for moving around the presentation.

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          That could be a funny attack vector (not the Kensington but the DIY one) if you manage to send any keypress and shortcuts (and or mouse click if you get the coordinates properly).

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        I’m gonna be ‘that person’ - relevant XKCD