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We’re celebrating the inclusion of the lobster emoji in the new release of Emoji 11.0 from the Unicode Consortium by adopting it.

There is no reward for donating besides the warm glow of knowing you’ve helped support an organization that is the source of so much error handling in our code. (Well, Unicode is a 501(c)3 charity, so if you itemize you can deduct that on your US taxes.)

GoFundMe disburses directly to charities on the 25th of the month, so we’re only going to run for 11 days until late on 2018-02-24. I’ll turn it off whenever I’m going to bed (US Central time, GMT-6), so don’t wait until the deadline to get your donation in!

Though we expect to reach the $1,000 Silver level for adoption, every single dollar we raise will be directly donated to Unicode regardless of how much we raise.

Stretch goal: if we reach $5,000 we can be the sole Gold-level sponsor. Stretch reward: still just the warm glow. But won’t that be pretty funny?


Edit: Silver! At noon on day one! Really glad to see this. I’ve bumped up the target to our stretch goal of $5,000 for gold-level sponsorship. That Maine Senator is going to be so jelly.

Edit: At @jcs’s suggestion, I’ve added a progress meter to the homepage and recent/newest stories pages. Added: It has an id tag, so you can adblock it with lobste.rs###emojifundraiser if you don’t want to see it.


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    The excellent lobster drawing is courtesy @goodger. It is off-center because the gofundme ajax image editor just hangs instead of editing the crop so… uh… I mean, it’s a design aesthetic.

    And thanks to @355e3b for suggesting the idea!

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      Now that we’ve passed $1K - can we beat the $5K?

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        If we’re trying to shoot for 5k we should at least let Maine know.

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          As a European, I honestly prefer us to have it :)

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            I’d say we go for it, and offer them to take over the gold spot for a 10k donation to Unicode instead. :-)

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          Done. Now, how do I sponsor a boiling water emoji campaign?

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            Slowly. You sponsor it slowly.

            1. 2

              In Bitcoin.

            2. 5

              Wow… maybe tone down the shade of red in the progress bar?

              The color signals “WARNING ALL ACCOUNTS COMPROMISED!”, even though it’s consistent with the color of boiled lobster…

              1. 3

                Sure. It was the standard #ac130d that’s used around the site, but I’ve dimmed it to #740804.

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                  Alternatively, change the bar into a conga line of lobster emojis.

                  1. 1

                    Sadly I don’t think the actual emoji is released yet?

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                  Coming from the DM, I had a hard time finding the gofundme link. Just in case others are as dense as I am, here it is: https://www.gofundme.com/lobsters-emoji-adoption

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                    It took me a moment to realize the link is the story link for this story. I’m just not used to seeing the announce tag on a link!

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                      Or on a primarily text post!

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                    Thanks for arranging this! It’s going pretty fast :)

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                      We have some generous crustaceans here!

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                        Yes we should also put up other causes throughout the year. Preferably amusing but also good causes. Lobster emoji is just the beginning!

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                        What will the Unicode organization do with this money? Their basic job of standardizing character mappings doesn’t seem super resource intensive.

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                          Turns out it’s pretty expensive! There’s anthropological work they do, they gotta fund font development, etc.

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                          I dropped a bit on it, good luck everyone <3