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Made this a while ago, thought it’ll be worth sharing!

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    Hmm. Pressing .help and clicking on the arrows in the dialog does nothing for me.

    (Browser is Chrome Version 88.0.4324.186 (Official Build) (64-bit))

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      yea… guess I forgot to fill those in. I’ll get it to soon

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        It looks really cool, which leaves me wondering:

        What is lyndenn?

        And what are the parameters about?

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        Same, on firefox. I also have adblocker enabled

        (The presets are extremely cool)

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          thanks! appreciate it

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        I love turtle graphics! In high school our teacher used turtle graphics and Lindenmayer systems to introduce us to GUI programming (in PASCAL/Delphi, even though it was “only” 8 years ago).

        For anybody wanting to read up on this, search for Lindenmayer systems (presumably why this project is named “lyndenn”).

        P.S. The “Koch” preset doesn’t look like the snowflake I expected, should that be a different system?