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The EU copyright vote on Uploadfilters is going to a final vote and for the past several weeks we’ve + volunteers have been working on a Django/VueJS calling tool so you can get to call your Member of the European Parliament (MEPs) without disclosing your phone number to their offices or being charged calling a Belgian or French number.

The tool is planned to be open sourced under a free license in the future, but we are still tweaking bugs + still room for improvement , though the basic core functionality is already implemented.

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    (Where) can I submit some fixes & improvements to the translation into my language?

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      I’ve sent you a private message (if anybody else wants to help with translations, please get in touch with me)

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      How many members need to vote against for it to not pass?

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        tl;dr: Math.round(751 / 2)

        There’s 751 members of the European Parliament from 28 member states. The UK is currently in the process of leaving, but it seems like the final vote on copyright will happen just days ahead of Brexit, so all British MEPs will still be allowed to vote. We need a majority against the Trilogue agreement, so if everyone shows up, we need 376 votes.