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    Hello, it’s one of mine once again.

    Please let me know if you come across any bugs. I (and a few others) use this daily to chat in #kisslinux on Freenode.net which is also the default server/channel birch will connect to (come say hi!).

    I’m still working on a man page and extending the documentation (keybinds and commands are documented). A proper tagged release will come once this is done.

    For those wondering “WHY?”, this was a lot of fun. Minus single calls to fold and tail and some file operations, birch is entirely implemented in pure bash. Down the line I’d like to reduce the external command calls solely to file operations (if at all possible).

    I hope you enjoy it!

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      I’ve added more thorough documentation to the README. Creation of the man page is next. Let me know if you still have any questions. ;)

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        This is beautiful, nice work. I don’t really use IRC but I’ll use it tmrw!

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          This is great. I was shocked to see how few lines of code it is, especially given that it’s bash.

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            If you want maximum KISS, rewriting in POSIX shell would be fun…

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              rewriting in POSIX shell

              in bash ? 😁

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                POSIX sh != bash. Bash has several incompatible extensions on top of POSIX sh. See the man page for checkbashisms.

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                  I know, that’s exactly the point of the joke!

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                  Don’t make me flag this comment “troll”… ;)

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                    I didn’t mean to troll at all ! It’s a joke as I know Dylan for rewriting many existing tool using bash constructs only, so he could decide to make his own shell using the language he likes the most 😉

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                  POSIX shell doesn’t have /dev/tcp and such, though; it would have to rely heavily on external utilities.