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    https://shop.jolla.com/ “Sorry, not available in your country.”

    I would love to support this effort, but I’m not sure how to start.

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      I used a VPN to buy a license. My Sony Xperia X works perfectly fine in the US.

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        That is great news… but does Sony kick back any of that purchase price to Jolla? (I doubt it!)

        I recall that they used to market their own hardware, and can’t blame them for not continuing with that business model. Curious about their prospective revenue streams.

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          I Doubt it for many reasons - in the past they have been very open to approaching other software platforms, early in supporting device unlocking, upstream kernel mainlining projects etc. Alas it is not resulting in better sales, and the community reactions have been extremely fringe. They are posting heavy losses in the mobile sectors and have chased away a lot of their senior devs (me included) with aggressive cost savings and cancelling research related projects etc. reducing at least the .se DU to rubble over the last few years.

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            Sorry to hear it. I’ve always been impressed with Sony’s product design quality, but they are definitely also-ran’s in the phone market to date. Not surprised that courting finicky FOSS hobbyists like myself hasn’t helped much.

            I think I was mistaken about how the Jolla shop works, though. It’s a value-add model where you buy a device (presumably at some markup) with their OS preinstalled. Pretty sensible, but also probably not going to make them much money. I really hope their “strategic partnerships” work out. The mobile OS duopoly is bad for everybody, I think. Viable alternatives are cause for hope.

            edit: I might spring for a Gemini PDA running Sailfish, to replace my now-unsupported Blackberry Q20.

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            I think Jolla’s revenue comes from BRIC countries paying for licenses. I don’t think they make much money off direct consumer sales.

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            so you bought a license for sailfish os, then installed it on your xperia x yourself?

            if xperia x compact is an option i’m interested.

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              I used a VPN to buy a license. My Sony Xperia X works perfectly fine in the US.

              The website seems to indicate that this is illegal.

              Availability: Sailfish X is currently available in the countries of the European Union, Norway and Switzerland (“Authorized Countries”) and the use of our website and services to purchase Sailfish X outside of the Authorized Countries is prohibited.

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                Illegal? that’s a strong word. It’s the companies restriction, not anything else. It probably has to do with paying sales taxes and they wanted to limit which countries they pay taxes to (too many countries is an administrative headache). They got their money, the country got their tax payment, I got my license. Everyone is happy.