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    Go go gadget OpenJDK!

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        I recommended Google get off Java for Android & everyone else avoid it specifically to avoid all this stuff. Any of the Wirth stuff is up for grabs and can be extended if necessary. Component Pascal already has Blackbox. Do some source-to-source translation from Java to it via tools like Semantic Designs'. Any greedy company in control of a key tech means we should avoid it after the API copyright ruling. Best endorsement for OSS licenses I’ve seen in years.

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          By “recommended Google …” do you mean that you were contracted by them for a decision or that you have expressed an opinion online previously?

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            Expressed an opinion. I previously had and currentlg have no contracts with Google, the Android team, or their surveillance-loving buddies on The Hill. Might stay that way for a while although Im up for helping them improve security any time given how critical they are.