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      As someone who’s working to launch my first “real” project, this was a really good read. I never thought to check if PH penalizes for external referrer’s (like HN). Although, I don’t have much of a twitter following, looks like I’ll have to change that soon :)

      Anyway this gives some good tips, thanks for sharing :)

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        Thank you for your feedback. What project are you going to launch? Let me know if I can help.

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          I’m working on a Co-Founder matching website. Similar to other cofounder dating sites, but more data-driven and the applicants will be screened more heavily (to filter for quality people). My goal is to connect all kinds of like-minded entrepreneurs together by project interest.

          My beta registration is here - falgo.io

          If you’d like to help, I could use some good feedback once I go live with the MVP :) Hope to have it up within the next few weeks.