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    It’s amazing to see that this magazine has been on going since 1985. How was it distributed back in the 1980s, by mail?

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      You can’t even imagine (unless you’re in the same pool) how much this magazine means to someone who was born in 1985. This plus 2600 defined the way I moved forward in my life and was an amazing source of information in the early internet days. I still have a STRONG preference to the e-zin format compared to anything nowadays distributed online. I really wished we moved back to the early days social networks instead of the facebook shenanigans. Smash the social stack for fun & profit and party like it’s 1996! :)

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        I was raised on the social stack unfortunately, I wish I could experience what was here before.

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          Well you lost nothing mate. You still can consume phrack and all the other e-zins in the same format and way we all did in the past. Give it a shot. People after you won’t have the same chance when Facebook and the other big social networks are gone :)

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        i would put my chips on usenet or bbs