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    It was brought to my attention (thanks Juli) that it might not be clear that this issue does not effect any released version of FreeBSD. It only effects people who run -current.

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      I think it says that in the title. Unless it was revised since posting and isn’t obvious to me.

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        Yes it is in the title. I felt it important to include the second email that had brought forth that clarification for those that might panic and not notice.

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          This is a great way to discourage and scare off people from running -CURRENT. That’s why FreeBSD releases, in general, are much buggier and have many more regressions than OpenBSD, because on OpenBSD, something like this in -current would be as big of a deal as it making it into a -release, and people are actually encouraged to run -current to make sure any kind of bugs would be caught up in time.

          BTW, links to the referenced revisions:



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            So does OpenBSD have no development-integration branch, nowhere for people to collaborate on experimental stuff without putting it into the versions that people actually use? Or is this just a meaningless difference of branch names?

            (I have not experienced any bugginess of FreeBSD releases. Particularly if you normalize the comparison by the amount of functionality they offer)