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    Dan McKinley’s take on this idea to choose “boring” has a bit more substance.

    The nice thing about boringness (so constrained) is that the capabilities of these things are well understood. But more importantly, their failure modes are well understood.

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        Love this:

        All of this excitement is wonderful for crypto researchers.

        The only people suffering are the crypto users: continually forced to panic, vulnerable to attacks, uncertain what to do next.

        The crypto users’ fantasy is boring crypto: crypto that simply works, solidly resists attacks, never needs any upgrades.

        This is an existential threat against future crypto research.

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      I’d rather be a wizard, doing highly difficult things with strange problems that only fellow wizards can understand.

      Attacking boring problems with dumbed down code is no fun…

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        I think you are wildly misrepresenting the article. Did you read it at all? Your last paragraph is not at all what the article is about.