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    I wasn’t aware of the split with ReasonML… what caused it? In the meantime I found this issue that gives some context: https://github.com/reasonml/reason/issues/2634

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        See also: https://rescript-lang.org/blog/bucklescript-is-rebranding

        Honestly, I don’t quite get it. I get that ocaml is a great language, and being able to target native, nodejs and browsers sound great. I also get that reasonml was a slightly nicer syntax (it felt a bit more consistent and simple, much like I prefer standard ml to ocaml).

        Apparently everyone working on the bucklescript (now ReScript) side just wanted some js tooling, and didn’t want to change over to typescript. So they dropped ocaml compatability and native as a target. So no sharing of business logic between a native ocaml service and a js front end.

        I have very limited experiencewwith both ReScript and typescript so I can’t really comment - but even with a better type system I don’t really see a great reason to walk aaway from mainstream. Unlike, say, Elm.

        But I might be wrong, maybe ReScript is that much better.

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          ReScript is really nice and the JS inter-op quite nice. There’s no async/await yet and dealing with promises doesn’t look that elegant.

          The JS tooling is great, despite having to deal with npm.