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    I don’t see why anyone would care about this without any pictures at all. Please put up some pictures of some themes + widgets in those themes IN YOUR ANNOUNCEMENT. This seems like a neat thing that clearly a lot of people put a lot of work into.

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      It’s a story about basically switching from GTK to Qt. So I understand the lack of pictures. There seems to be frustration with GTK/glib/gobject not adopting C99/C11 conventions (structure designated initializers, anonymous structs (C11)) that would make the C code a little easier to read and give additional conventions to implement inheritance and object oriented style in C. You have to decide at some point if you should just write your own toolkit in that style (which they claim would not be sustainable) or just move to a language like C++ that offers most of modern C99 and the usual C++ features out of the box.

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        Yeah except there are literally no pictures on the site. Does it look like X11? Nobody knows.

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            It looks like the Budgie team has just switched from using part of the Solus website to hosting their own. And the switch hasn’t totally finished.

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        What is budgie..? Doesn’t seem to say on the website…

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          Another desktop environment. Very much like GNOME (because of GNOME integration), but lighter and simpler.

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            Linux needs yet another desktop like Donald Trump needs more wigs.

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              Would the person who downvoted my comment care to explain how an opinion can be incorrect?

              Please prove the incorrectness of my opinion. Should be interesting.

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                It’s not incorrect, it’s just needless trolling.

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                  Yes I think you’re right. I was just trying to be funny but ended up being offensive to folks who may have put their heart and soul into the project.

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                  (I’m not the one who downvoted you, but… maybe I can shed some light on why someone might have)

                  I don’t see there being anything wrong with having more options for desktop environments. There are loads of text editors, programming languages, and terminal emulators, so why not have a bunch of options for desktop environments? The Linux community will never settle down on a standard, since it’s Linux. The whole point is that you customize your environment however you want.

                  Budgie is really one of the better DEs I’ve seen recently. I don’t like GNOME’s bloatware and don’t care about integration, so I don’t use Budgie, but the developers put a lot of effort into making it a nice, modern environment that’s easy to use (from what I’ve seen and heard from people I know who use it). I use dwm personally, but I can see the appeal of Budgie for a less technical user.

                  What I’m driving at is that Budgie isn’t “yet another desktop environment”. It’s one of the higher quality one’s I’ve seen recently, and making a blanket statement about it probably didn’t agree with someone.

                  That’s just my two cents, though. Hopefully it helps clear things up :)

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            their reasons for abandoning vala are interesting, given that in theory this is exactly vala’s target use case.