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    The story of the Aurora 7 hardware expanscape.com

A laptop with exactly zero compromises.


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    … by which is meant, “zero compromises in areas the designer considered important.”

    Looking at it (and I have to admit, experiencing a bit of want) I immediately see compromises in size, weight, probably battery life, robustness, and openness.

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      Of course. Engineering is compromises

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        … which is why the phrase “zero compromises” so irritates me when it’s applied to any product of engineering. It positively encourages sloppy thinking. (But then, perhaps that’s a good description of how a lot of marketing works ;) ).

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          I think that’s a bit of false premise, of course the person “inventing” or building it is the one who can declare this, for their vision. Otherwise you’d have to argue for every single feature where just a single person would say “but a laptop should do that! Where is my coffee warmer pad?”

          You’re not wrong though, I guess “zero compromises” will never work unless you declare a 100% definition before.

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      Is there an actual story..? I was expecting a write-up but it seems like it’s just a list of features.

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        Holy mother of God.

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          I’d like to see it folded, if only to be amazed (in a negative way).

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            So you say the project should fold…

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              Rather that it’s overextended, and risks falling over…

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            I was expecting that this thing resonates better with the audience here, than on the orange site, where it received complete rejection and mocking…

            And I still don’t see who would need this and what for.

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              orange site bad