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    Let’s wait for a proper release announcement, or some changelog?

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      The link that should have been posted: https://ziglang.org/download/0.7.0/release-notes.html

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        It’s worth pointing out that these release notes are incomplete (compared to the previous ones that were exhaustive).

        The upcoming 0.7.1 should fix that: https://ziglang.org/download/0.7.0/release-notes.html#These-Release-Notes-are-Incomplete

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        The main news I see is progress on the self-hosted compiler, which they consider a necessary step towards a package manager.

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          The self-hosted compiler is considered necessary as a vivid package system suddenly increases the amount of source compiled by a huge amount. This means that compile times will skyrocket quickly to worse-than-Rust levels as LLVM takes a huge amount of time already and the stage1 (c++) compiler is not implemented efficiently. The self-hosted compiler should beat the current implementation by at least one order of magnitude in compile speed, if not more

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            Why worse than rust levels? I understand that the zig compiler is pretty speedy.