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      I had an n900 back when they were new-ish. I <3’d it, ended up giving it to my daughter and she used it for a long time before it finally broke. It was a great phone. I’d love an LTE version!

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        The Neo900 is an attempt to update the device, but it has been in development for a long time and doesn’t appear to be any closer to actually making anything (unfortunately..)

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        The Maemo Leste people are working on porting Maemo Leste to the Motorola Droid 4, which is an LTE phone. There’s hope!

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        same, it’s the one time I ever bought a high end phone when it came out, and it’s the only time I’ve written my own phone apps just to solve some random need I had. (vala was a really nice language for n900 apps incidentally)

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      NetBSD/evbarm supports the N900 and should be able to run up to and including NetBSD 8.x, will hopefully have it working with 9 & newer once modern u-boot works on it, there was a regression at some point since 2016.x release of u-boot.

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      I had the non-phone version N810 and thought it was the best portable piece of tech ever made until I got the original iPod touch as a gift a few months later.

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        I just pulled mine out but it doesn’t seem to be taking a charge. :-( The 770 still works, though!