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    There are still mentions of Chaosnet here and there in the modern Internet. Ever notice that it says “IN” in DNS zones? It stands for Internet. Other options are “CH” for Chaosnet and “HS” for Hesiod.

    Are you using this with a simulated Lisp Machine?

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      I remember reading about that in this article a while back, which is where I “noticed” chaosnet for the first time.

      Are you using this with a simulated Lisp Machine?

      No, I’m just posting this because I found it interesting, and hoped others might as well.

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      I can’t wait until these systems become so obscure that you can use them for a cheap layer of obscurity defense against crackers.

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        Pretty darn sure that Chaosnet is that obscure. VMS probably is too.

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          An emulated ITS system is a make away here.

          Use ITS as a frontend, with some hacked-up program that lets you telnet to the real system if you login correctly and maybe know some obscure keystrokes. If VMS is obscure, ITS is positively Atlantean.

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            Thanks for reminding me of this!