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      This is really long, but full of really good info, and a great perspective on how we got here. I secretly hope that WebAssembly does have continued success, but I’m just not sure that it will supplant Docker. I’m not skeptical, I’m just not sure what will happen, and wasm definitely doesn’t seem to be in wide usage yet, especially not for the “replace Docker’ use case.

      But raw-idea wise, if anything can do it, I do think wasm has a lot going for it.

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        I don’t think WebAssembly will replace Docker in the forseeable future either. When directly comparing the two, it feels like Wasm only solves the “put a static binary in a FROM scratch image” part of Docker for now. Taking what you already know and have (a complete Linux userspace) and putting it in a box (container) feels much more natural – but maybe that’s just due to my being used to using Docker by now. I’m eager to see where the component model takes us though.

        I’ve been playing with Wasm/WASI a lot recently and it still feels magical that you can also run all of this right there in the browser. The WASI Playground on runno.dev almost feels like a “container image” experience as well, where you can upload a filesystem tree as a tar.gz for the binary to use.

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        I would love to see it replace Docker and us getting a nix store kind of thing with all software in the world compiled down to WASM packages.

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