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    (samantha is a talented developer and you should hire her!)

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      Interesting that there’s an SBCL interface to SDL.

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        Why is it interesting? Isn’t SDL one of the first things one would target from a programming language if one wants to do graphics? That and perhaps OpenGL (and maybe Vulcan in the future).

        I made my first SDL bindings for Common Lisp back in 2001 :-) (http://cl-sdl.sourceforge.net/ (don’t use these!))

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          I was super thankful that they existed! I was a bit confused by them at first, but I eventually came around… Amusingly enough, one of the stranger bugs to track down was learning that my implementation of lisp did pointer addition in bytes and not in multiples of the size when I was passing in textures to render. (A strange difference for me coming from C)

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            Incorrect? See these lines from console.lisp:

            (eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute) (ql:quickload “sdl2”))

            Also see:


            Precisely what is incorrect about my comment please?

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                OK that’s reasonable if a bit pedantic. Thanks for taking the time to explain. I know exactly zero about Common Lisp.

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                (I don’t really care about the -1 rep, but being told I’m wrong when I’m very clearly not is a bit off putting :)