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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Sabbatical for 5-8 months, I think

    See you all next spring!

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      Learning org-mode. Seems to be really fun and I am enjoying by taking things slow.

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        Have an interview at a cybersec company as an intern. Going to ask if I need to be prepared for something specific other than the usual.

        This week I’ll look into self hosting all my stuff and use a cheap VPS as a proxy instead of using a more expensive VPS to do all the hosting.

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          Still on my friend’s boat, working from here for a couple of days and ticking off some maintenance jobs before we set sail. Then sailing (or motor-sailing, it looks like) round the UK nearer home.

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            This is my last week at my current job, so pretty much nothing but cleaning up as many of my messes as possible. The project we just released still has a lot of vestigial code that isn’t obviously unneeded and will probably end up being a sort of reverse chesterton’s fence if I just leave it there.

            I also just finally finished getting my Wireless ErgoDox all flashed and setup this last weekend. This is the first keyboard I’ve had that isn’t a totally standard qwerty layout, so trying to start getting my brain to start figuring that out and figure what what I want to do with the layout.

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              I made logparser production ready. I made name handles including emoji unique across Subreply and implemented !base36 post mentions.

              I reported an issue to emoji Python package to be compatible with OpenMoji. I will be working on this if approved by maintainer.

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                • On support rotation (not a 24/7, pagerduty thing; just casual 9-5 help for users), so my week will be completely interrupt-driven and praying that #support stays silent (spoiler: it never does)
                • Probably spend that time slowly but surely peeling a hand-rolled Dependency Injection framework out of our codebase in favor of something like Python’s dependency-injector.


                • Reseeding the lawn
                • Adding features to my little Poly app (Feature ideas are super welcome!)
                • (everything but) D&D with friends
                • Dogs.
                • Reminiscing with my wife on how amazing the Outer Wilds DLC was
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                    I’m sharing some new ideas for path dependent types with different friends. And probably playing around with a domain model for a new image-based execution model (like Smalltalk, Jupyter Notebooks, SQL, etc) Looking forwards to pitching and raising for this product I’ve been working on for over a year, now.

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                      A very cool project!

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                      Looking for a job. Things have been rough.

                      Maybe we should have regular “I’m looking,” and “I’m hiring,” threads?

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                        There’s usually a monthly hiring thread, and similar threads exist on the orange site.

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                        Moving to new team at work!

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                          • Considering taking college in programming or cybersecurity
                          • Taking my second GED (RLA)
                          • Working on my resume and cover letter
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                            ^ Say hello to cRUSTy’s mascot :D ^

                            I approve. I have concerns, but I approve.

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                              Like? I genuinely want to hear peoples’ thoughts about it, and anything about the project.

                              If something is wrong or seems off I’m more than happy to change it.

                              Because this is one of those projects that feels… special to me?

                              I really like the direction it’s heading, I really look forward to developing it more.

                              Anticipation for programming it is what’s getting me through school stuff.

                              It even has an amazing contributor already as well.

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                                Mainly just that it appears to be an eldritch horror staring into my soul with a single giant, luminescent eye. Which is pretty cool, if a little startling.

                                Still a prettier mascot than Go’s gopher, though. /s

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                                  Honestly, more software projects should have eldritch horrors for their mascots. If nothing else, it would be more accurate.

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                            Work: Attack more system provisioning and software upgrades, do a flight test, hopefully don’t get bogged down in customer requests.

                            !Work: Play with my (now-complete-ish) bidirectional type checking experiment, enjoy the nice weather, cook things.

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                              Still hacking on the same while working on contract work. I’m reading the Nomicon. I got help from someone working on a tracing extension for SQLite - first time in some time I asked something into the void and got helped with it.

                              I’m debating switching gears to fix up some bugs in my self-hosted Webmention server because I want to encourage more of that p2p web without making it a hard requirement.

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                                PERSONAL: Finishing up a slightly extended creative writing project tonight, trying out Google Sheets as a tool for tracking various things based on reading https://www.simplethread.com/use-spreadsheets-everywhere/. Trying out YNAB’s free trial to see if it’s worth the subscription, so far it looks good, tbh.

                                WORK: Also trying out more spreadsheets as organizational tools. Fixing bugs around a ticket at work, and getting ready to spin up on a couple of projects related to the Legacy Code I’ve inherited and have been trying to.

                                BOTH: Last week, I ended up chasing a bug about Powershell running under zsh though both the zsh and powershell issue-tracking online spaces, and ended up learning a bit about zsh as well as pwsh, and was reminded that exec is a thing in a lot of shells. I might write this up, but not at the moment.

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                                  I took yesterday and today off so I could enjoy a long weekend. (It’s also my birthday today :D)

                                  I’ve got a blog post in the works about HKDF, prompted by a few unrelated questions asked in the Cryptografurs group on Telegram, but I’m stuck on how to organize the post so it remains in a perpetual rough draft state.

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                                    Work: probably NixOS documentation and trying to get a server into production

                                    Personal: getting my marriage license for the ceremony next week, editing the ceremony script, trying to not let all this overwhelm me