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    Really nice new frontend, but I might be biased.

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      why biased? nvm, just looked at your posting history

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      Even for non new users, I find the multi-column format super hard to read - being partially blind it’s just way too visually dense, my eye is jumping all over the place trying to parse the bits I want.

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        Zootdeck is a linux desktop mastodon reader I’ve been working on and the main feature is to add or remove columns as you see fit. Its an alpha-stage project but usable for reading toots. A column can be your own (oauth) toot feed, or a public toot feed from a particular mastodon site. Its written in zig (ziglang.org) and uses GTK+.

        Source Code in https://github.com/donpdonp/zootdeck Status updates end up at https://mastodon.xyz/@donpdonp

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          I really like the new frontend, might take a bit to get used to though… Either way, I think a more twitter-like interface will help users adapt more easily to the network.

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            I really enjoy Mastodon in principle, I wish I could convince enough of my tweeps to go over there instead. That and the whole federation thing meaning that cross-server threads get all weird sometimes….

            But I’m super happy to see the project continue forward in such a nice way

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              Great job on Mastodon for the new release, but just a quick reminder not to conflate Mastodon with The Fediverse as a whole (we don’t want another github situation) There are plenty of other great softwares for interacting with the Fediverse such as Pleroma and Misskey, to name two.