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    This article reads like “if you don’t use this thing I tell you to use, you are doing it wrong”.

    I disagree.

    If I were building a rest-full/ish api server, I would rather start out with a “microframework” and built on top of it than start out with a behemoth and use a fraction of it. If nothing else as the codebase changes over time and you start needing to upgrade to new versions of the framework, there are so many fewer moving parts — and you may actually have a chance to understand more of what is going on under the hood! Apparently I have also become somewhat allergic to ORMs over time.

    Building a full site, sure. Django (or rails if you need ruby). Great. Building an api service in an SOA architecture? i would opt for flask or bottle (or sinatra if you need ruby), and if it needs to be very high performance, today I would probably use Go.