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    I wish he had chosen Firefox’s dev tools, they seem to be much better. But I guess that’s how FOSS works, now I have to do it. :D

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      Note that these tools aren’t specific to Chrome, but actually from WebKit. Notice the clearly-from-OS X stylesheet on it, a legacy from its early days as Apple’s own thing.

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        Not sure what the Lobsters norm is, re-pasting the comment I wrote on his site in case it’s valuable here…

        Very interesting. I’m not super well versed in it, but this might be an interesting read for you: http://www.jonathanleighton.com/articles/2012/poltergeist-0-6-0/

        Poltergeist is a WebKit-based headless browser used to test Rails web apps (including testing JavaScript functionality). It’s a WebKit-based replacement for Selenium. The author of Poltergeist added a pretty impressive feature: when you’re running automated tests, if a JavaScript error occurs, Poltergeist will drop you to a WebKit debug session with the breakpoint at the line that failed. This is extremely useful, as the old way was “show me the screenshot of what it looked like failing!”

        Now I’m wondering what other applications could exist if Chome Dev Tools were more portable. Nice work, keep exploring!