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A tweet from the Sili Valley Congressman.


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    Actual link: https://www.meo.pt/internet/internet-movel/telemovel/pacotes-com-telemovel

    The EU should nip this in the bud, even it’s the soft form of giving unmetered access to some types of sites on a mobile phone.

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      Unmetered access is currently subject of an official complaint in the Netherlands, brought by Bits of Freedom against T-Mobile. The case: T-Mobile offers unmetered access to streaming music services. Any music service is free to join, but certain requirements and a secrecy agreement must be met.Most recent development: the official watchdog, the Authority for Consumers and Markets, found in favour of T-Mobile’s practice because (a) it found that T-Mobile is not creating artificial barriers to services, and (b) it found that T-Mobile is not limiting the rights of either users or music services. Bits of Freedom has appealed, and the next step will be a court of justice.

      More here, from Bits of Freedom:

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      Unfortunately Czech Vodafone is playing with the idea and promoting it already: https://www.vodafone.cz/osobni/volani/vodafone-pass/#section-compare