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    Is this just a transcript of the previously circulated video, or it adds more to the story?

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      It is broadly a transcript (with included visuals), but several folks have indicated that that’s it’s easier to consume this way.[0] That said, there is some new content in the “Epilogue” – and especially in its link to the (new) Hubris FAQ[1], which merits its own read.

      [0] https://twitter.com/joranwei/status/1468054541530591238

      [1] https://github.com/oxidecomputer/hubris/blob/master/FAQ.mkdn

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        Oh yes please! I am pretty interested in this topic so I actually watched the video but having all this material in a form that’s easy to examine carefully, re-read, ponder about, archive and take notes on is a kingly gift! I realize it’s still just a single blip on the engagement radar but it’s the useful kind of blip :-P.