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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    Still recovering from a bit of late 2019 burn out. Back to full capacity at work but still taking it easy on side projects. Starting to feel up to thinking about that stuff again though.

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      How do you structure your off-time? I’ve always wondered if burned-out folks should just relax and mooch around, be social, or be physically active, doing sports and nature stuff. How did you choose to cope?

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        Interesting that you’d choose that word.

        Structure is exactly what I DON’T do with my free time in this circumstance.

        I purposefully do what I absolutely HAVE to do outside of work and nothing more. I leave the remainder of my time unscheduled, focusing on the various kinds of self care (exercise, sleep, social time and varying forms of entertainment - reading, watching videos, playing games) as well as mindfulness things like meditation.

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          Ah, that’s what wanted to say, but I expressed it poorly :) I meant what did you choose to do in the off-time. Sounds like you had it figured out pretty well!

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        Same here. Late 2019 was rough. It’s a new year. Time for a fresh start making progress on some things, totally kicking ass, or something in between.

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        I’m continuing to work on my safe programming language implemented in machine code, that maps mostly 1:1 to machine code. Here’s what my todo list looks like:

        unsafe language with just int types
        [✓] parsing function headers
        [✓] code-generating primitive instructions
        [✓] function calls
        [✓] arguments
        [✓] return values
        [ ] local variables and their reclamation
        [ ] register locals and shadowing
        [ ] blocks, loops and early exits
        unsafe language with user-defined types
        [ ] compound types: `addr` and `array`
        [ ] `type` for user-defined product types
        [ ] `choice` for user-defined sum types
        [ ] `ref` for creating types on the stack
        [ ] `handle` for heap allocations (fat pointers)
        [ ] `index` for accessing inside array types
        [ ] `get` for accessing inside product types
        [ ] some method for sum type access (tagged unions)
        [ ] anonymous union types (e.g. `int|err`)
        safe language
        [ ] types in primitive instructions
        [ ] types in function calls
        [ ] register checks
        [ ] types in `get` instructions
        [ ] types in sum type access
        [ ] `ref` in caller can map to `addr` in callee
        [ ] register lifetime checks in conditionals
        [ ] register lifetime checks in loops
        [ ] check for function result initialization
        [ ] code-generate runtime checks for array bounds
        [ ] code-generate runtime checks for heap lookups
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          I’m going to a conference this week – CodeMash – and I’m not running anything at it! I’m so used to being an organizer or volunteer that it’s refreshing to go and not have to care about anything but having fun and learning something.

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            I learned how to operate some obscure lighting software so I’m writing lightshows for an event at my church. Oh, and working at McDonald’s. I’m always working at McDonald’s.

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              Moving into a new house.

              Practising some hymns I need to play at church on Sunday. I’m a beginner tenor saxophone player.

              Also, managed to set up Sourcetrail on the PostgreSQL codebase. Will poke around and explore further.

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                Research project during the day this week then back to the 44CON grindstone next week.

                At night I’m working on a Huginn agent that checks for mispriced items online and sends me alerts when there’s more than a £100 discrepancy. So far I’m picking up >£100 price drops on coffee machines, TVs, Apple Watches etc. The £100 minimum ensures only big ticket item savings are notified about. I’m trying to gauge interest into turning this into something people can use, so if anyone wants to be a guinea pig, let me know and as long as you don’t mind the odd repeat email I’ll sign you up.

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                  I’d like to be the Guinea pig for a while :-)

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                    Long ago, before eBay got ridiculous, there were tools that did that so we could snipe the listings. I made a scraper/sniper as a side project. Later, there were companies doing it, too.

                    The most interesting of them was a company that mixed automated and human searches to spot sellers who sell under MSRP. They did that for manufacturers to force the sellers to raise prices. Lost that article. The tool might help them, too. Use Friend-to-Friend distribution if concerned about that.

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                    Just got back from MAGFest, which was an absolute blast, and now I’m plunging back into work. Turns out that we have a demo to fly Cool Stuff on a full-sized helicopter later this week, and so we need to make sure all of the various changes and bugfixes we’ve made since the last time we did this are shipshape and ready to go. Fortunately most of it has already been done while I was taking time off for MAGFest, so it’s mostly a matter of double-checking, refining, and hunting down a last few bugs.

                    Also want to do the Decade Game Jam, starting off by doing one game a month to make myself stop yak-shaving and actually make some games. So to start off this effort I’m trying to port sokol_app.h to Rust to see how complicated it gets. …yeah, I might have a problem…

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                      I’m finishing https://www.keepmeon.top/discussions which searches for all the discussions on HN, Lobsters and Reddit for a given story.

                      For an example see: https://www.keepmeon.top/discussions?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstressgrid.com%2Fblog%2Fwebserver_benchmark%2F

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                        I’m redesigning my personal website https://medv.io to just plain html/css files.

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                          I like your site. Do you have a blog?

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                            I had. But now I deleted it as I understand what writing constantly is not my thing:)

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                          Going to try out some embedded development in Rust. Never did any embedded development and I’m curious what it’s like to deal with hardware and work on a lower abstraction level.

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                            I bought a HiFive1 board a while ago to ‘do some embedded’ (not specifically in Rust, although I’ve been looking at that, too), but I never really got to it. I’ve had more success with tiny PIC chips showing patterns on LEDs.

                            Do you have a goal or project in mind? Also, what hardware are you using?

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                              I don’t have a particular goal so far unfortunately. My plan is to work through the discovery book, which uses the STM32F3DISCOVERY and see where that takes me

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                            Flying to London today so I can get my visa to Russia, and also my international driving permit for my moped trip in Thailand.

                            Oh, also working at the Google for Startups Campus in Shoreditch for the next week or so.

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                              I’m prepping to do a sabbatical, most of which I’ll spend in London. I know you also write Elm, could I hit you up to ask you about what interesting stuff is going on in the city, which meetups are good, etc?

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                                To be honest, I don’t really know. I think the Haskell meetups are quite good, but otherwise although my businesses are based in London and legally I too am based here, I probably only spend a couple of weeks in London per year.

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                              Mostly not-that-interesting work stuff, like answering emails. One thing that stands out is a call with a potential buyer for my most popular WordPress plugin which is also 90% of my income. And continuing to learn Rust in my spare time.

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                                Taking a big slowdown after 2019 because my day job is ramping up a lot as we take over a functioning system and because I currently have a cold.

                                Getting the urge to do some blogging and get back into MeetUps, but I need to remember to really fight that for now because I know I was close to burnout recently.

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                                  I’m working on course materials for a new IoT course at my university, as well as hacking on side projects when I have the time.

                                  I’m also trying to get back into a good work/sleep schedule for 2020, which is difficult, given that some of my most productive work hours seem to occur after midnight.

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                                    Hey Philip! Let me know when you get those resources together. Charles said the project is going to be a webserver implemented in assembly, is that right? Sounds like a lot of fun.

                                    I’ve found that my most productive time is either way early in the morning (before 8) or after dinner (after 8). During the day I don’t seem to get as much done, I couldn’t tell you why.

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                                    Two projects, both in Rust:

                                    For work, implementing a Rust wrapper around a NoSQL database API. The primary API is in C, so I’m learning a lot about unsafe and FFI. If anyone wants to try it out, I’m looking for feedback on how easy it is to use :)

                                    For fun, I’ve been working on docs.rs. I tracked down a bug that’s been bugging me ;) for a month and a half, and it only took me an hour of relearning SQL!

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                                      Still fighting off this cold. My symptoms really improved today and it feels like it might not become bronchitis, so that’s something. And it’s been crazy windy, so biking would have been miserable anyway.

                                      For work I’m doing some manual testing and bug fixing before a release. I wish our test team would hurry up with their test automation, because we waste so much time doing manual tests…

                                      Outside of work I’ve been refactoring my OpenGL library. I made major changes to how shaders are handled (layouts and uniform variables are now detected automatically) and now I have to cascade those changes through the rest of the library.

                                      Also reading “The Everythin Reading Music Book” and “The Everything Music Theory Book” and trying to motivate myself to play the keyboard I bought a while back.

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                                        I just went through flu and mild bronchitis - it was awful. Hope you get over it asap! It is such a distracting disease, really hard to focus when there’s constantly throat itch and shaking caugh following you everywhere you go.

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                                        More preparation to make $CLIENT’s site multi-site.

                                        If it arrives, installing an additional IP camera.

                                        Finishing the cabling inside the house for the cameras.

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                                          I’m struggling with getting back to work after the news years vacation. The current tasks I have seem to be so dull and I’ve had real trouble motivating myself.

                                          To get back into groove I’m doing some stack overflow answers and working on a Flask app to QA some json documents that are being spewed out by our crawlers.
                                          Usually I’m pretty good at reading raw data formats but html is just such a pain to read and even make sense of. The idea behind app is that it 1/3 of it has the json and the other two thirds render html from selected keys.

                                          I’m also working on a web crawling book together with Packt - this weekend I’d like to tackle 7th chapter which is about using automation such as Selenium or Pupeteer for web crawling. This is probably the least interesting part of the book for me personally as I’m much more of reverse engineer the Javascript sort of guy but I have a feeling that this might be the most desired chapter from reader’s point of view as stackoverflow is filled with these sort of questions and existing resources are pretty awful IMHO.

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                                            Working on the ui for my e2e encryption project. I’m trying to dumb it down so much that the user only needs to click a max of 2 times to do anything and every bit of functionality is available to them. It’s kinda hard.

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                                              What kind of e2e encryption is it? Messenger, mail, file exchange?

                                              1. 1

                                                Messenger and group file management. Think dropbox but as a web extension.

                                            2. 1

                                              Edit: misread, I thought the question was what will you be doing this weekend. This week I’ll be working on a 3rd party integration of our transportation management system. It’s always shitty, having to deal with 3rd party services whose data model doesn’t quite match your own!

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                                                • I’m preparing an article for my blog
                                                • Job hunting
                                                • Studying software architecture
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                                                  I’m hoping to get a first complete release of a rust implementation of the Automerge library. I’ve mostly completed a simple first pass at it, my next steps are making sure that it interoperates with the javascript implementation correctly, then trying to make it performant.

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                                                    1. Improving basement lighting by adding LED lights and a motion sensor
                                                    2. Back to working on my spacecraft trajectory simulator


                                                    1. Gathering evidence from customer facing teams for a new feature I want us to build
                                                    1. 1
                                                      • T20 cricket series between India and Sri Lanka.
                                                      • More hacking on my Haskell static site generator
                                                        • Write a mini blog post on using Free Monads for configuration
                                                      • Eat a New York strip steak (cooked sous vide) a day
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                                                        I started a new project call Cerise:


                                                        its basically just a few PHP scripts as this point, but the plan is an alternative distribution of Visual Studio. Several projects I have come across require the Visual Studio compiler and/or linker, and I do not like setting up the huge VS environment just for that. I has found the packages for link.exe and kernel32.lib so far. I think thats all that needed for a base setup but need to do more testing and make a binary release.