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Hi everyone. I have some questions regarding pushover integration:

1) I did not find explicit statement whether or not lobster will publish notifications about new stories to pushover. And assuming that I have several new posts in RSS reader, it does not do it.

2) Does it send all new comments from the topic I commented? I guess the only case when I will receive pushover notification when someone will either mention my name or reply to my comment. Right? IMHO it would be cool to have ability to subscribe to some thread and receive all notifications.

Thank you


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    You will receive a Pushover notification for each section wherein it’s enabled on https://lobste.rs/settings. So, replies to your comment, mentions of you in comments, and private messages.

    And yes, it works.

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      Okay. Got it. I’ve received automatic private message re tag change. What about having option to receive notifications on new stories, new comments to my stories and stories I’m participating?