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Updated site here, thanks to @evaryont: https://privacytools-io.github.io/privacytools.io


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    Note that the website hasn’t been updated in a couple of months, and the repository owner on the github project hasn’t been in contact recently. So the community has made a (hopefully temporary) fork at https://github.com/privacytools-io/privacytools.io. So far nothing major has been changed, mostly just updating dead links.

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      Thanks. I would also add that the one time I tried to contribute to this project, at least one of the maintainers became highly aggressive and vulgar. I don’t know (assuming not) if that’s representative of the rest of the group, or if that element is still around, but thought it was worth noting.

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        Thanks, I added it to the description.

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        Curious about a VPN for west-europe that is fast. I used PrivateInternetAccess before but it was slow.

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          I don’t have any recommendations but a reasonable starting point is /r/vpnreviews.