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    Best birthday present ever.

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      Time to donate to: OpenBSD Foundation or directly to OpenBSD

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        Good point, particularly for those of us who used to buy the CDs every six months.

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        Another neat thing is that OpenBSD works as a custom image on compute engine out of the box, (before it required some hacks to make DHCP work in the google environment).

        I am planning on writing a blog post soonish on generating your own openbsd images to run on google compute.

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            <strike>Woah! amd64 now uses clang???? I completely missed that that was happening.</strike>

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              Arm64, not amd64. Were did you see that amd64 is using clang?

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                Oh crap! My eyes must be horrible!

                And yes. Now that I look more closely at the tiny text, it does indeed say arm64.

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                  FYI, you can do real strikethrough like this:

                  ~~hello world~~~

                  hello world

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                    Thanks for the note! I was sure you could do it, but it’s not in the “Markdown formatting available” help, and I didn’t feel like trying to figure out more past that. I’ll PR lobsters to stick it in the help. :P

                    EDIT: Interesting history here. As of yesterday, the CommonMark stuff is in, so this can be fixed… at least seems to be the case: https://github.com/jcs/lobsters/pull/355

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            Guess today is as good as any to install her on my lowly PC.

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