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    I think this article is interesting, but unrelated to the core interests of lobsters, which are computer technology. I think folks can find these kinds of articles on other websites, and it would be best to keep this kind of stuff off lobsters to keep the signal to noise ratio high.

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      I slightly disagree. It fits in well. UI design is a very important part of CS. I will caveat my comment with this probably should have the off-topic tag.

      Edit: I swear there used to be an off topic category.

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        I think CS people tend to find these kinds of metro-layout type discussions interesting for the even more specific reason that they’re closely related to CS sub-areas like automated graph layout. In fact if automated graph layout worked ‘perfectly’ for some definition of perfectly, you would just use that to make metro maps.

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          Indeed. The blog post from transit app, was an excellent read on this topic:


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        I disagree completely. computer science is largely about representation and communication of data, and few sets of data affect more people than those related to transit systems. even if one finds the visual / graphic aspects uninteresting, the implicit analysis of the data set can inform all manner of algorithmic thinking.