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    Nobel’s final will of 1895 bequeathed $9,OOO,OOO for a foundation whose income would support five annual prizes in physics, chemistry, medicine-physiology, literature, and peace

    Was this OCR-ed I wonder?

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      Looks like it, yeah. There’s a note at the bottom of the page that the article was previously published in Math Horizons, Nov. ‘95. The Math Horizons back catalog was digitized (you can get it at JSTOR, but paywalled), so they probably got the article text from there.

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        It’s funny that it consistently interpreted every 0 as an O with no exceptions.

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          well, I imagine that it was ocring printed text, so it makes sense that the letters would be printed uniformly

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      A sixth Nobel prize in economic science was added in 1969.

      This is not strictly true. It’s not a Nobel prize but rather the Swedish National Bank’s Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. So it’s not the money of Alfred Nobel that’s used to pay for that prize.

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        Due to its age (1995) the article only mentions the Fields Medal. However, since 2003 the Abel Prize has been awarded and is sometimes also referred to as the mathematicians' “Nobel”.