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    The cat-v bunch will just love this ;-P

    It’s like poking them in the eye with a stick.

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      It just need a more complex build system like autoconf or cmake.

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        cmake really is the way to go to troll in this fashion. It forces an external dependency for building, whereas a release tarball could prebuild the autoconf/automake files.

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        What inspired this? I often reach for bash’s printf when I need tricky output in a shell script. I’m interested in the motivation for the character delay feature in particular.

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          I’ll tell you that like a story: A while ago, I tried to make a command-based game, and I thought of some genre for it, and it was sci-fi. I knew that in some movies and some games, terminals print text in green, character by character, with a short beep sound. Then I set up the main game functions (print, input, wait…), but then I thought “This game couldn’t be better than the 1 million ones out there, and no one likes old-school style anymore, plus, I wanted to make a 3D game in the first place, but I couldn’t, because of hardware limitations”. Then, I moved to try to make a command-based tool/useful program (because no matter what my current working field is, I always love creating things). I tried to get motivation for some time, then I thought “Why not give people a tool that prints like ‘echo’, but with green color, and character by character”. So I started working on that, I named it “echod” (echo deluxe) initially, but after many testings, I realized that ‘echod’ is slow compared to ‘echo’, and it also had more limitations on the argument number, so because I give up quickly and I’m lazy, I got angry and deleted the project directory (what a brilliant idea!). After some long time thinking of projects, implementing them and dismissing them, I returned back to ‘echod’, this time with more energy and another name that is shorter and not based on other names. So, I added more colors than green (using ANSI escape sequences), and made the delay variable, and added a timeout, (because when I was testing ‘put’, I realized it was exiting quickly after finishing writing), and the ability to print to stderr (because why not?). and escape sequences (based on ‘echo’, but with more), and text attributes (because ANSI escape sequences offered more than colors).

          Did you like my story?

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            Haha, thanks :P