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    I should probably digest this a bit further before posting this but… this article seems to take web tech as the canonical UI app development context, and thus makes the assumption that anything bringing that to other platforms is axiomatically good. Has it really come to this? Excuse me, I’m just going to go hide in a cave until something else happens cos I’m so tired of seeing the same square wheel over and over and over.

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      To me it looks like the OP is opposing React to the traditional/vanilla way of developing web apps as he writes:

      “The web is fundamentally weird to build apps on: the mess of HTML and CSS get in the way of frameworks instead of helping them”

      The question that he poses is how well the React way (i.e. declarative rendering of the UI based on some state) and tooling translate in building native apps, and the answer is “so far so good”.

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        This may well be the much rumored merger of web and native apps that’s been prophesied for quite some time. The two are having sex, and the result doesn’t appear too bad (to my eyes at least). They’re doing something Java tried but failed to do, and that’s an accomplishment that I’m happy to see.