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Creating an annoying website using obscure JavaScript APIs.


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      What this made me realise is that I haven’t experienced anything of that level of annoyance in more than a decade. It’s even more surprising now that this video shows how easy it is to still do some “90’s style” annoying popups.

      I wonder if making a strong use of adblockers + being a more knowledgeable “surfer” has something to do with it. Or if that simply became a niche now that doing “proper” advertising is as easy and as cheap as ever.

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        I think it mostly comes from the internet centralizing onto a few social media sites.

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        “There are still exceptions to this where you do need a native app so you see people often reaching for Electron…”

        This is deeply unfortunate.

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          For a moment I wondered if this might just be a link to YouTube’s front page. ;)

          Good talk. I have mixed feelings on whether or not this should be broken on purpose by browsers. Changing permissions models so that the annoying stuff doesn’t work any more will break some legit sites. I feel like the appropriate tradeoff at the moment is to deliberately break annoying things which are actively abused by advertisers, and avoid introducing new features that could be abused by advertisers.