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    absent from this article is how io_uring is getting support for a large number of file and socket-related operations in 5.6. io_uring is the most exciting thing to happen to the linux kernel in like 10 years, finally adding a nice interface for 0-syscall asynchronous communication with our kernels. programming languages are just DSL’s for syscalls, and this new interface completely changes the conversation.

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      programming languages are just DSL’s for syscalls

      Quoted for truth.

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        Any news on which languages have or will be implementing support?

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        Linux user for 15 years, but I’m still unclear on something: Are all of these things literally in the kernel, or do these line items refer to APIs and other support code being added to the kernel to enable integrations for these things?

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          It’s all literally in the kernel. All of the APIs/most drivers/etc are all a part of the kernel, due to Linux’s monolithic design.

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          multi-path TCP bits are finally going mainline

          Does this mean MPTCP is fully supported, or is it just partial bits and pieces?

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            Very large bits and pieces. AIUI mptcp over v4 is feature-complete and stable now, but the v6 code is not.

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            Linux 5.6 has mainline support for the Amazon Echo.

            Words fail me.

            Edit apparently flippant comments regarding huge open-source projects headed by a European with a name that starts with “L” are only applicable to one of them. I will take the critique under advisement.

            More seriously, I was not aware that the Echo was a full-fledged Linux box, and my reading of this that the support was for some weird integration with its voice integration. There are (as far as I know) no Echoes for sale in Sweden, so I had no idea that this was an option for a small-ish cheap Linux box. Now I know more it sounds mildly interesting.

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              At the risk of being offtopic, I find this kind of comment on Lobsters really irritating, to the point that I think there should be some sort of downvote reason along the lines of “comment so vague it doesn’t contribute to discussion at all”. I’m guessing you’re disappointed, but given that not everyone on this site has English as their first language, I’m not even sure that’s the case. If you’re going to include close to zero information in your comment, why even comment?

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                I think “troll” should be replaced with “unhelpful” or “not even wrong”.

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                  spam is a good one.

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                    I’d like to apply a flag like that to a number of the comments here: https://lobste.rs/s/t6xcjc/systemd_homed_service_merged

                    Edit if you want a specific flag, either troll or off-topic works.

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                      Edit if you want a specific flag, either troll or off-topic works.

                      I don’t think they do work. troll isn’t quite right, in that the person often isn’t trolling, they’ve just left out so much detail that their comment isn’t understandable (sometimes it might be understandable to a small clique who are in the know, but not a general audience). offtopic isn’t right, in that they are often referring to the topic, just not in a way that makes a meaningful contribution to the discussion. I try to avoid giving misleading “downvote feedback”.

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                        I see what you mean now. me-too ?

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                    Why? It’s just an ARM device; why not allow people to hack it to run their own Linux on it?

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                      I’ll note that I read it the same way at first; it sounded like integration with the service, not booting on the device. There’s another article specifically about the Echo, but that makes it seem entirely unimportant. So I have no idea why that was even mentioned in the 5.6 stuff.

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                        Why? Mainline support makes it easier to take the hardware and repurpose it.