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    Reminds me of scsh, the acknowledgements of which really should be required reading.

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      That is hilarious overall, although the bit about controlling his impulse to shoot undergrads is a lot less funny than when he wrote it in 1994.

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        Probably inspired by the Bastard Operator from Hell, another genre that has aged poorly.

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      Not quite what I was thinking of, i.e. a LISP that can be used as a shell / a shell with LISP syntax. Rather, this looks like the kind of pipeline integration conveniences that Ruby has. Which is nice, but I’d call it “A scripting language in LISP.”

      Aside: is LISP the language [family] with the most implementations? Even I wrote a simple LISP in my 20s (in Pascal, LOL) though I’m no fan of the language.

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        Probably more what you were thinking of is racket rash

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          I think Forth is a strong contender for language family with most implementations. With lisps, one can easily ending up using another’s LISP and get comfortable. Many people that use for (or stack based languages), often end up implementing their own.