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    Great idea but the Android app takes sooo loooong to start up, especially given the simplicity of the app. What’s with the startup time?

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      It’s an Ionic application, so that probably is the root cause. On older(?) Android OSes, it fires up Crosswalk to speed up interaction, probably at the expense of startup time.

      Honestly, we didn’t do too much performance testing on Android. Thanks for the feedback, though!

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        I’m using a Nexus 6, which pretty new. But using an HTML5 app framework instead of a native app would explain the performance.

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      @listrophy, I really dig your logo. What was the design process there?

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        PM me for a promo code on iOS if you’d like.

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          Unless you actually have something of interest to programmers to show us (source code or even stories about the development process) I think this is just spam. The show tag isn’t for free advertising.

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            I disagree. This site isn’t just for programmers, so as long as the thing is technology-focused and a Lobsters user had some part in making it, I think they should be allowed to show it off. You can still flag it as spam if you really feel it is, or just hide the story.

            I wouldn’t consider it spam unless the posts are done too often, have no technology focus, or are made by a new user with no reputation. In this case, @listrophy has been around for 3 years and posted many stories and comments, so I’d give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to spamming.

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              You’re right, I misspoke when I said it has to interest programmers in particular. But I feel like this link in particular was not technology-focused in the sense I think you mean. I have no problem with someone showing off an app they made, even if it’s paid, but I feel like it should be a bit more in depth than a few links to the various app stores.

              I’m sure you’re right that it wasn’t @listrophy’s intention to spam, but it came off that way to me, anyway. If it’s not happening often, I agree it’s not really a problem.

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                I actually came into this thread with the same thoughts as @tsion, but on discovering that @listrophy was writing about this app on ‘what are you working on’ I completely reversed my opinion. I see this as an extension of ‘what are you working on this week,’ kind of like ‘what have you shipped this week?’ I think it would be cool for people posting these links to put a descriptive blurb along with the URL like “I’ve been working on this for a while and wanted to show it off to lobsters!” That makes it more explicitly linked to the community as opposed to a URL without comment.

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                  This makes me see it in a totally different light as well. With context it seems quite cool, I just didn’t happen to find the context on my own. Sorry, @listrophy, for accusing you of spamming. Again looks like an app I might actually have some use for, but I didn’t feel like it belonged here without any comment or explanation.

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                  @jcs Can you update the submission form to indicate something like what @tsion is saying? The implicit warning against submitting both a URL and text caused me not to explain myself. Thanks!

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                Sorry my post came off that way. I got caught up in launching. :)

                Anyway, it’s a tool that could definitely be used for software development to make a lists of: cobweb-y code sections that you want to remember to visit/update; the various OSS projects you contribute to; for the managers out there, ensure you don’t accidentally neglect one of your engineers. Lots of possibilities.

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                  Totally a cool project. Thanks for sharing. How does the app know when to show a task? Does it check at a specific time interval in the background?

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                    It always shows all tasks in each list, and it shows them in order of “least recently completed” at the top.

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                I love how the iPhone app store search is so bad that if I enter “again list” in the search function, “Checklist Again!” comes out first.

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                  My guess is that it weights positively for “veteran” apps. This app is brand new, and probably doesn’t have the download numbers as Checklist Again! simply due to the length it’s been on the store.

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                    Well, but that’s a misconfigured weighting (and pretty common in that space)[1]. Exact matches should always be preferred and rated high - that’s not even a hard thing to do.

                    (1): I build full text searches for a living.

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                  Will not deter me from writing my own interpretation of this Application type :) All the best.