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    Mr. Kotik recalled being with his wife at the Smullyans’ house in Elka Park, N.Y., and listening to a radio report about the high salaries of professional athletes. His mother, Blanche, said they were excessive.

    Professor Smullyan said that to be paid so much was unfair.

    “I said, ‘Raymond, isn’t it true that you’re more intelligent than most people?’ ” Mr. Kotik said during a phone interview. “ ‘Yes,’ he said. So I said, ‘I think that’s unfair. We should take out part of your brain and distribute it to people who could use it.’

    “He was silent for a minute, and finally he said, ‘I can’t give you any reason, but I wouldn’t do it.’ ”

    He must of been having an off day… The answer is obvious, he didn’t suggest the inequality of abilities of athletes that was the problem, he said it was the massive inequality in salaries, which is far far far greater.

    Even though Smullyan’s IQ was undoubtedly high, it was still comfortably on the bell curve, not way off on a long tail.

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      Like Alan Turing and Dana Scott, Smullyan’s Ph.D advisor was Alonzo Church.

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        I read his book “To mock a mockingbird”. Pretty fun but it didn’t make me an expert in functional logic as some people said it would.