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    Hmm I wish they’d focused on making the text chat experience on the web and mobile fast and polished before tacking on even more functionality.

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      I’ll even accept not being constantly logged out on desktop every few hours, causing me to miss (sometimes important) notifications. The state of desktop Matrix clients in general has done little but disappoint me lately, what with nheko moving to requiring FreeDesktop SecretService (for which my sway desktop has no implementation) to even start up (and thus got uninstalled), and Element deciding to log me out constantly.

      In 2020 I tried moving back to IRC for everything non-work-related. I may have to give that another try this summer…

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        I can see why they would want it as a selling point overall, but scrolling up in a busy room is painful, even when backed by a db on a reasonable server.

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          Wait, does matrix (the client) not keep messages locally? Relying on a server hosting an arbitrarily large amount of incompressible data seems less than optimal, especially for search

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            yep. that’s the “feature” I always hear when folks tell me why they don’t want to use IRC, that it stores history remotely. it’s basically the slowest bouncer you could have for text chat.