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      if you haven’t listened to Kenneth’s episode of On The Metal do yourself a favor and rectify that ASAP

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        If you want to listen to it in a podcast app, here’s the Overcast page for it.

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          I always wanted more of this podcast. Turns out they do more shorter-form content on Twitter spaces or something. Haven’t listened to any yet though.

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      I enjoyed reading this, but Fastly’s Fast Forward provides free CDN services for open source projects which might help with the “most Linux distributions are free and thus don’t have a project budget to spin up a global CDN” problem.

      I have no experience of Fast Forward myself, but I’ve heard that OpenStreetMap and meta::cpan have benefited from it, and I’m sure others have too.

      Still, running a CDN off repurposed thin clients is very impressive.

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        It’s also a unknown when Fastly will do a rug-pull and stop supporting Open Source projects with a free CDN, so building your own, as well as using Fastly’s is probably the best way to go.

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          Hosting files on CloudFlare R2 is 0.015 / gb-month with no egress costs.


          I could reasonably see a small homebrew linux distro having 100GB in downloadable assets, that would be 1.5$ a month.

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        Void recently started offering a Fastly mirror, but I find it slow compared to the other Tier 1 mirrors

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          Really? That’s interesting! What region are you in?

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            Montgomery County, Maryland, US

            Checking again, it seems like the issue is that Fastly almost never has anything in cache

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              Interesting, I know for certain there are some void hosts in that region. Probably need to make sure their mirrors are pointed correctly to warm the cache.

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      Kenneth is amazing! His writeups about BGP and networking inspired me to set up my own tiny AS.

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      Who needs to pay for someone else’s CDN anyway? :D