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    there are a number of superior alternatives. A description of the strong and weak aspects of one’s own point of view; we might call it a “benefits and weaknesses of” essay.

    Undoubtedly true. Sadly, the economics of clickbait, and the underlying tribalism that actually fuels most discussion mean that such articles will, on average, lose out to more inflammatory ones. People want their blood and battles. Even the generally smart, well-educated people that post on places like HN and lobsters.

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      For example, a piece titled “‘Considered Harmful’ Essays Considered Harmful” would very likely be a case of using the “considered harmful” format to draw attention for its own sake. We will ignore such essays in this commentary.”

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        I actually had this in my RSS filter together with silver bullet and how i learned to stop worrying and love X.

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          So is this essay considered harmful?