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    TeX has something that I miss in all* other markup languages, from lightweight to heavyweight: macros. I don’t even need logic or anything hairy – I just want to define


    , so I can write \bug{442} to create a properly marked-up link to a bug.

    * Honourable exception: MediaWiki.

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      other typesetting languages in the same space, like scribble or lout do this too

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        Yay, counterexamples! Thank you very much, I’ll check them out.

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        Honourable exception: MediaWiki.

        Thanks for reminding me I still know way too much about MediaWiki templating and parser function.

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          It’s been a long time since I read up on SGML but I believe there’s a form of macro capabilities in the DTD.

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            I’m not sure if it qualifies as a “markup” language for your purposes as it’s closer to typesetting than markup, but troff also knows macros. In fact, using troff without macros is a fairly painful experience.

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            As yakshaves go, TeX might outdo the one where Ken and Dennis wrote an operating system for that spare PDP-7 at the back of the lab, so they could play Space Travel.

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              I had no idea TeX was invented to typeset his book but of course it makes sense that a programming text would be the impetus. Neat!

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                Happy to be of assistance! (I’m the author)