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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    (Re-)learning UEFI, and working on a bootloader in Zig. This is to be part of a larger OS project that I have been putting off starting for what must be almost a year at this point.

    Anyway, I had some carried over leave from last year that I needed to use, so I took this week off and have decided to actually work on this.

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      For what it’s worth this is awesome. In my poking around with various Linux distros I’ve gotten just a taste of the gubbins of UEFI and it seems like there are some really interesting abstractions going on there.

      Just the idea of a special filesystem that represents your boot loader config? We’ve come a long, LONG way from MBR baby! :)

      Please write about this as you go. I suspect many of us will be able to learn a thing or two as we read along!

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      Working on devrel things for Tailscale. I’m also spinning up my new contractor for doing editing on my blog. The first article is going to be a lamentation on devops.

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        Tailscale is freaking MAGICAL.

        Honest to god I was vacationing in Florida this week and was able to SECURELY remote into one of my home machines without worrying about holes in my firewall or Wireguard configurations.


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          I just wanted to second this - I absolutely love it and recommend it to all my friends. It makes accessing my NAS from anywhere so, so easy.

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        I’m starting at Igalia today. So a mixture of going through all their internal documentation and onboarding process, getting to know people, and hopefully starting to get up to speed on my first technical contributions (Clang/LLVM and WebAssembly).

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          congrats! given wasm I assume some webkit work?

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            I’m fairly focused on the toolchain side initially, but with so much JS engine work going on within the compilers team at Igalia, there should be opportunities to get involved there too later on.

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          I finally gave up on GatsbyJS - IMO the rubber hits road experience is VASTLY different from what it says on the tin, and after weeks of struggling to do VERY basic things, and having successfully implemented my final short term goal (I added tags to my blog) I realized that any tool that’s causing me to experience this much friction is the wrong tool for the task at hand.

          So I re-rolled the blog in Nikola a really beautiful Python static site generator in ~20 minutes.

          This week I plan to deeply grok the Mako templating language so I can remove the bodge I currently have in place to put the landing page image at the top. I just over-rode the entire ‘base’ template and added an img src tag where I wanted it.

          Apparently, Mako has this feature called ‘blocks’ so you can add easy hook points into your template such that when you over-ride you can JUST have the new content without duplicating the entire template, so I want to implement that.

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            Tomorrow is a big day for me, full of meetings. We’re doing two days at the office with the whole team, so on office days we cram in meetings.

            Personally, I’m trying to push the boundaries of what my broken leg can do. I’ve been walking since January, but get tired out quickly and start heavily limping. So I’m trying to push those boundaries a little bit each day.

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              • For $CLIENT1 still trying to get some traction on a SeaweedFS setup; Small random fixes in between.

              • For $CLIENT2 maybe working towards a plan to get them out of their Kubernetespocalypse

              • For $COMPANY working on (reusable) deployment tooling.

              • For $HOME still building a new kitchen - currently focused on exterior cladding & windows.

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                Nothing too big, working on my flavour of Wordle clone; Sedordle.

                It’s getting close to finished but there’s a couple of small bugs that need ironing out and I want to add a practice mode

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                  Switched up careers a bit, adjusting to the new environment. Picking up some old hobby projects since the day-to-day no longer drains all my IT motivation.

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                    I’m hoping to do a lot of digital housecleaning this week - I want to migrate my self-hosted email to Fastmail (unless there’s some compelling reason to go somewhere else). I want to finally figure out my org-mode setup. I’m also going to start rewriting my blog using Remix for learning purposes. It’s built using Hugo right now, and I’m just not a fan of how Hugo works (really I’ve just struggled to get my site to look the way I want and if I build my own I will hopefully be able to do that better).

                    On a personal fitness note, last Thursday I did my first toes-to-bar, and I’m going to continue practicing that.

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                      Fastmail is phenomenal. I’ve been a customer for ~3 years now and am happy as a clam. Plus it just keeps getting better and better.

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                      I’ll discuss GSoC task with a student in a mentor role. We plan to implement a fuzzer for Lua interpreters (especially LuaJIT).

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                        Offloading work in advance of medical leave, getting a handle on swift concurrency and swiftui (not generally an app person but I’ve made the occasional UI front end for side projects).

                        Beating performance into my swift raytracer (mostly improving its kdtree and priority heap)

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                          Heading towards the light at the end of the tunnel, the walls of which are made of Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, DBT, Airflow, IAM, and python packaging.

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                            @work I’m clearing a backlog of small PRs and working on a bug with section view export. Our Creo license server was down for a few days last week, which blocked our testing pipelines from completing. Now that it’s back, there’s a backlog of tests waiting to run.

                            @home I dumped PipeWire and went back to work on Common Lisp bindings to Pulse Audio. I’m learning the PulseAudio API as I go, so that was slowing things down a bit, but I think I’ve got the hang of it, and everything seems to be working so far.

                            Once I understand the API a little better, I’ll implement a higher level API on top of it.