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    I would consider PowerPC Amiga…. not quite Amiga, especially in spirit. It’s a shame the name has been used to sell people some awful scams.

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      If anything, PA-RISC would be more accurate. That’s what Walker was going to be.

      But, I’m a Power ISA bigot, so this works too. 8-) That said, I think the current crop are dreadfully underpowered. I’d sooner run MorphOS on a Power Mac.

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      How about something like the FPGA MIST hardware reimplementation? I’ve been drooling over that myself, as I can’t seem to find time nor money to get my original Amigas up and running.

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        Look at the miSTer instead.

        miSTer is already old news today (translating to a huge ecosystem, very nice), MIST is ancient, and only capable of holding a subset of the cores miSTer has available.

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          Great, even better!

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        I’d suggest an A500.

        Most sold model, very durable (they generally still do just work), and highest compatibility with games and demoscene. Representative of what the Amiga experience was back in the day for most of us Amiga users.

        Conveniently the cheapest to get these days, the one with the most expansion options (many of which open hardware). The most documentation, too. Ideal to learn Amiga programming with.

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          My only quibble with the A500 is that it sprawls across a desk (same problem with the C128). My own QuikPak A4000T may be hard to come by but I can lash a PS/2 keyboard to it and it’s a tower.

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            a1200 had the opposite problem. Its “floppy-holding drawer” was too small, and the inclination of the case would only permit a few floppies stacked there. Very uncomfortable relative to the A500!