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    They have a StartCom SSL cert on ipfs.io.

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      I was really hoping you were joking. But no.

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        Be careful who you get your advice on juking nation-state adversaries from.

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      I find the word “uncensorable” is used far to often. This definitely avoids censorship and makes it harder, but there’s many more means to censor then blocking IPs.

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        SSL issues and wordsmithing aside, IMO it’s exactly this kind of effort that will help IPFS cross the adoption chasm from ‘great idea’ to ‘widely used’.

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          I was kind of interested in running an IPFS Wikipedia mirror. I got through the install and 10GB download. But then the instructions said “now tell people the URL of your server”. But I don’t know anyone who wants this – that’s the point, to “help society”. I kind of assumed this would be like running a Tor node where some kind of discovery protocol would send traffic to my mirror. Did I miss something?

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            You only need to tell people the URL of your server if you want to provide a public gateway. By mirroring the content and pinning it your node will distribute the content automatically to people who request it within the IPFS network, or via other public proxies.