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    All the talks are aws, google, facebook, netflix planet-scale superpower tech awesome must have metoo. I am sick of these talks and don’t need any of their stuff.

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      I hear you and understand your perspective.and yes, that scale and problem and marketing bs must always be considered. I’d like however to raise few observations for the sake of discussion .

      I would not discount trends and observations based on whether it comes from FAANG or not. And while Grandpa might have said that “even a broken clock…”, the point is that, good ideas transcend the place they originate.

      also, consider that we operate in a pool of finite talent, and those companies have acquired a sizeable share of it. I’d be curious to see some measurements but I think the overall number of people that have been associated with the above companies, could be pretty large. And there might also be some extra correlation, ie if you were an ex faang it’s more likely you will be picked to give talks in large conferences.

      Lastly, from a more holistic/progress/tech perspective it is not all bad. Workplaces where good talent congregates are also exceptional confluences for ideas. Picture the manahattan project, or the bell labs.

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      Normally lists aren’t great here, but I think this one is ontopic because Cindy took the time to curate and discuss all of her recommendations. A lot more effort than the usual “best of X” lists, making it a useful resource.