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    … was when OS X was released.

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      It’s funny, I still remember my designer coworker at the time (at a design agency) get his new Mac with OS X in summer 2001 (like 3 months after release, he had already upgraded at home) and I got to play with it for an hour or two (I suppose that was quite a while before most the hardcore Apple fans I know these days). I only knew OS 9 from a few hours of “check if this website looks good”, otherwise was a Windows/Linux person.

      I was absolutely not blown away. Everything looked his nice and shiny and just a little cooler than Windows 2000, and definitely a step up from OS 9. As usual, my gut reaction was absolutely no way to predict the success of a product, I wouldn’t have imagined how people would rave about OS X and how much better it was than anything else on the market, years later. To be fair the “BSD under the hood” wasn’t clear to most of us at that point, not sure I even launched a terminal.

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        I’m so old.