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    Upvoted with the hope of someone coming in and commenting on their experience in this space – I’m always slightly annoyed at docker.

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      This is relevant to me at work as we’re building out a platform around Kubernetes. We’ve had issues with Docker on our CentOS servers because Red Hat’s packaged version of Docker is two years old and missing several bugfixes that we care about, as well as plenty of features.

      As far as I can tell, CRI-O is likely to be the way forward - Red Hat certainly think so and are throwing their weight behind it, and it helps a lot that the specifications are designed to be backwards-compatible with Docker’s API.

      However, after some investigation I’m just not convinced that the adoption and tooling are there yet, and we ended up moving to Docker’s own packages for a more recent version (I’ll be rolling this out to production this week).

      I’d be interested to know if anyone is using, or has spent significant time with, CRI-O or any of the other alternatives.