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    this is a great resource but a little outdated. megaparsec and trifecta and a few others are now the vanguard for monadic parsing in haskell. daan and paolo’s package, parsec, now exists as a retired elder statesman of the haskell universe

    still, however, much of the api is the same and the core idea – the beautiful notion that we can build large complicated parsers out of small simple ones by using algebraic operations from the world of applicative and monadic functors, no matter what programming language we use – remains the same

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      Last I checked, attoparsec by Bryan O'Sullivan was another popular option.

      He wrote a good article a little over two years ago showing it can potentially have performance comparable to a hand-rolled C parser. From previous experience (course projects) it’s fairly straightforward to use, though as a disclaimer I’ve never actually used Parsec so I can’t compare them directly.